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About Steve Fishes Long Island Sound


When Steve first started fishing Long Island Sound, he was 9 years old and fished with his dad. From that point on he was hooked.

Long Island Sound is an estuary bordered by Connecticut and Westchester County, N.Y. to the north, New York City to the west, and by Long Island, N.Y. to the south. 

It is about 110 miles long and about 21 miles across at its widest point.  An estuary is where salt water from the ocean mixes with fresh water from inland sources.  Long Island Sound is a unique estuary.  Instead of a single opening to the sea, it has two. These are located at the east end, known as The Race, and at the west end through the East River and New York Harbor.

Fish Populations: more than 120 species of finfish, including 21 tropical species that stray there seasonally; at least 50 species spawn in the Sound.


The Sound is situated within the most densely populated region in the United States.  More than 8 million people live and vacation on or around the Sound.  Recreational uses alone contribute approximately $5 billion annually to the regional economy.  

When he is not fishing, Steve enjoys life as a entrepeneur, he is involved in running a printing business and his newest venture is operating a courier service in Fairfield County.

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